The latest digital trends from eMarketer

Geoffrey Precourt

When digital marketers talk about the advantages of this channel over legacy media, they often start with the boast, "We can measure everything." The pitch works: there isn't a major marketer anywhere in the world that doesn't want a crisper idea of the return on their advertising investment.

But, in the absence of a universal metric, there's no consensus on performance. In fact, every analyst has a different spin and a different set of numbers.

Enter eMarketer, a marketing-research enterprise focused on the interactive ecosystem. The meta-data service provider describes its mission as "collecting data from thousands of sources and putting it into context."

Where do the numbers come from? According to Geoff Ramsey, its chairman/co-founder/chief content officer, "Our forecasting team looks at no less than 40 different [US] surveys and studies … We look at different definitions, different methodologies, different vices – and we try to normalize the data."