Group2 - A group that analyzes a group is a GROUP2

DCSNET ComunicaƧƵes

Brazil is experiencing a positive economic climate and companies are taking advantage: in less than 5 years consumers have increased by 20 million.

To reaffirm knowledge of different consumer profiles and their regional particularities, the agency has been looking for new ways to translate consumer behavior, especially the growing, concentrated and representative young public.

Dissatisfaction with the information obtained (even through the most modern research techniques) has forced us to come up with new methods. This began with games - imaging what new types of research could be like - until we took an idea seriously and tried it: we created a focus group of young people that evaluated another focus group of young people.

We were expecting a type of lie detector with a second layer of perceptions, at least, for those "expected" answers, but we got much more than that.