‘Dry Dreams’ – "How liberating Gen Y'ers useless dreams made the fickle commit"

Agency Clemenger BBDO
Advertiser Carlton United Breweries
Author Sam Mackisack & Michael Derepas
Total Campaign Expenditure $2 - 5 million

Carlton Dry needed to continue to build a long term relationship with the younger segment of the beer-drinking market, i.e. 18-25 year olds. This meant balancing brand respect with fast paced growth, as visible growth tends to lose you respect and accelerates lifecycle decline with an increasingly fickle and over-stimulated younger generation.

On one hand growth and popularity gives you visibility, which provides a certain amount of comfort and acceptance that a younger (still developing) audience craves. But, on the other hand it can also slide the brand further down the curve of acceptance into the more mass, less progressive end of consumers. Buying volume here can give you the fast bucks, but the earlier adopters who keep brands healthier longer tend to jump off the boat.