Tip Top: Good on ya mum… winning hearts AND minds

Entry Number: 8

Agency: DDB Sydney

Advertiser: George Weston Foods

Author: Russ Mitchinson

Total Campaign Expenditure: $5 – 10 million

Strategic communications challenge

White bread's just bread, just bread…isn't it? Bread is one of the lowest involvement categories we shop. Bread's the 'staff of life', a staple, always there…like air. White bread was becoming increasingly irrelevant, as the total category was premiumised with the introduction of 'fancier' breads such as Sourdough and Ancient Grains. White Bread's increasingly seen as a commodity, a distress shop…grab a loaf and get on to shop a more exciting and exotic aisle. As a result consumers were predominantly buying white bread on price or the functional 'best before date'. In a category dominated by the hegemony of Coles and Woolies, the supermarkets were accelerating this behaviour by treating bread as a 'loss leader' to drive footfall, through offering $1 loaves. It's a marketplace hooked on the drug of price and promotion, rather than building brands or innovating through products. It seemed impossible to build emotion and derive value from this barren and commoditised category…