Ogilvy on Recession - Improving sales force performance

Tim Broadbent, Kent Wertime, Christopher Graves, Jeff Froud, Jerry Smith, Soames Hines and David Young


"It is not the strong, nor the intelligent who survive, but those who are quickest to adapt."
Charles Darwin

We face one of the most challenging business environments for years. Virtually all businesses today are considering how they will make it through the current global financial crisis. For many of them, cost cutting is seen as the only viable strategy. This, in turn, triggers a reassessment of their expenditure. And right at the top of list are Marketing and Sales.

Perhaps this scrutiny is already underway in your company or it will be in the very near future. If your company has a direct sales force or sells through a reseller channel, then this booklet focuses on a number of options that are particularly relevant in the current economic downturn.