Spinning a Yarn: Storytelling Techniques to Connect With Different Segments and Understand Their True Underlying Motivation

Sarah Hamburger
Big Picture, New Zealand


The over 50s are the most experienced, confident and demanding of shoppers. They’ve been there, done that and got the T-shirt. They’ve grown up with post-war affluence and burgeoning consumerism.

On the whole, the over 50s are more cynical of authority figures, companies and their marketing communications when compared to younger audiences. They often portray their own decision-making as highly rational and prefer ‘quality’, ‘service’ and ‘value for money’ to ‘appearance’ and ‘social status’. In an industry that is increasingly run by 30 something marketing executives, researched by 30 something qualitative researchers, and targeted at 20-30 something consumers it’s not surprising that we hear marketers talk about them as a hard to reach audience.