How to Make Media Investments Accountable

Mike Campbell and James Bayliss
Ninah Consulting

Measurement and accountability of media activity is on the agenda in boardrooms and agencies alike, but what should we be measuring? The cleanest measure is to evaluate the sales impact of the marketing campaign, but it is easy to think of markets where this presents big challenges.

For example: you are building an electrical goods brand. You choose to advertise the product that makes the strongest testimonial for the brand values. You do not expect to see the payback solely on the product you choose to advertise, but haloing across all the products and categories in your range.

Or you are advertising an automotive brand. The majority of the audience that receives your message will not be in the process of actively purchasing a car. Your objective is to communicate to customers at all stages of the purchase funnel from awareness to consideration and purchase. You do not expect to see immediate sales payback.