Children and Media. Entertainment and Education in the United States and the Middle East

Joel Schneider
Children's Television Workshop
 United States
Michael Cohen
Consulting LLC Qualitative and Quantitative Research
United States


Children's Television Workshop (CTW) is an organization dedicated to the development of educational television for children. Children's Television Workshop reaches more children throughout the world than any other children's television organization. Research has played a significant role in the development of the wide range of Children's Television Workshop programming. Applied Research & Consulting LLC (ARC), a New Yorkbased research company specializing in quantitative and qualitative research with children, has conducted a variety of research initiatives for a number of Children's Television Workshop projects. The expansive list of collaborations between ARC and Children's Television Workshop extends from broadbased network development and expansion (research conducted for the development of a huge branded multimedia educational network for children) to social awareness initiatives (research evaluating the effectiveness of an educational program designed to create change in a politically volatile social environment) to more nutsandbolts program development (research exploring the cognitive process through which preschoolers learn about numbers and letters through Children's Television Workshop daily programming).