Media planning and targeting: Boost online efficiency

Nathan Woodman
Adnetik Boston

Charlotte Steel
MPG Media Contacts

Audience investment management systems value the context and environment of the message in ad serving, making targeting more transparent and more effective

Since 2003, online display ad spend has nearly doubled, while click-through rates have dropped by a factor of three. Something isn't working. The online advertising system consists of three primary constituents: advertisers wishing to market their products; publishers intent on selling space to advertisers; and consumers visiting the publishers’ sites for content. But the system is flawed. The publishers aren't getting fair market value, the advertisers aren't reaching their intended audience, and the consumers are swamped with ad clutter.

Ad exchanges have the potential to change this situation and are fast becoming the dominant player in digital marketing. An ad exchange is a neutral auction platform, where buyers of media (advertisers) meet sellers (publishers). This in turn has promoted the rise of demand-side platforms (DSPs), which act for the advertiser on the ad exchange (like an auction agent) and supply-side optimisers, which act for the publisher.