Caffè Nero Iced Drinks

Agency: Together Design
Client: Caffè Nero
Category: Point of sale

"This isn't just about pushing a seasonal product. We've highlighted and differentiated iced drinks and built a brand that has won customers' hearts. It's a success story with longevity."
Sara Carter, Marketing Director

Executive summary

Caffè Nero is associated with quality coffee, but with sales of hot drinks lower in the summer months, it needed to build a following for its Iced Drinks.

Caffè Nero does not have the marketing budgets of its rivals, global brand Starbucks and Whitbread-owned Costa Coffee, but it faced a number of challenges. If needed to increase awareness of its Iced Drinks, positioning the range as a quality alternative to rival products. It also needed to address issues around presentation in store to make the product more appealing and easier to buy. Finally, it needed to reduce wastage to increase margins.