Really Good Premium Breads

Creative Media

Client: Really Good (QVS) Ltd
Category: Packaging (Branded – Food)

"The bakery fixture in stores is an extremely competitive one and we approached the designers with the question 'how can we really differentiate our premium products from the rest? As our breads are so artisan and different we didn't want them getting lost in the bread section - to do this we needed our brand and packaging to really stand out.

The designers solved the problem by coming up with a unique "traditional" wax proof style wrapping which give our 5-Seed Multigrain and Tiger breads a truly premium and artisan look. The re-sealable packaging on the Grinder products is an industry first in Northern Ireland and has helped us gain valuable shelf space in stores as well as numerous letters and e-mails from consumers congratulating us on this novel idea. The colour scheme and stripped back design gives our products a premium look which sets us totally apart from our competition.