Reach, Medienreichweite, Cobertura or Couverture? A view of OOH methodologies across countries

Daniel Cuende


New winds blow in the media, it is the sound of bits and chips that are making irreversible and deep changes in the media and all to the things related with them, from content to audience measurement. There were many presentations about digital fragmentation among the last ARF and ESOMAR conferences; almost everything has already said … but not all. The digital fragmentation in media, for example in TV, is creating narrow audiences, the iPad is changing the press and magazines and how people consume the "Lost" episodes, Until this point, in our current state, most audience measurement systems are not able to keep pace with such changes. The technology is evolving so rapidly, that once we solved one problem, the tech is already old, and a new concept is already on the street. Not to have a proper measurement in each mass contributes to weaken that media, because it is harder to invest in it, to prove its value. In most of the mass media audience measurements are not helping the media itself at all, because it cannot deliver the proper data in this new scenario of fragmentation (and this is just the beginning!). So we have these two problems, the digitalization of mass media … that makes a "not so much mass media" or "small media" and suddenly the tool that until now was helping to sell the that huge percent of reach … is becoming useless because it is not accurate or even is inappropriate.