European Social Fund - 180, a sensitizing campaign in disguise

Agency name: DUBOIS meets FRUGGER
Client name: European Social Fund
Category: Integrated communication


The 180 campaign aimed to get long-term unemployed people back on the job market. We looked for a "reviving" business, marketing and communicative strategy, since many of the campaigns aimed at this target audience in the past had proven unsuccessful.

This is mainly because this target group is very hard to reach. We decided to address our target group in a language intelligible to them, handing them strategies to turn their lives around, 180 degrees, in the form of a self-help book. We also decided to show them HOW to go about doing this with a TV drama promoting the book. We needed to address them almost personally, one to one, in the comfort of their own homes. That is what would help our target audience: a meaningful message, brought to them intelligibly, and even telling them the steps they need to take.