Building Brands Online: Starbucks

Welcome to the first instalment of the IAB's Building Brands Online Trilogy. Through this series of cross media research projects focusing on the FMCG sector, we aim to show the ways in which digital advertising can be used to effectively build brands.

To begin the series we have looked at the effectiveness of the online campaign to promote a new instant coffee brand, Starbucks VIA. Coming up in parts two and three we will be unveiling similar research into campaigns for the Nestlé brand, Maggi So Juicy and the GSK energy drink Lucozade.

Online plays a key branding role – Delivering reach in a cost effective way

The research showed that when compared to other media, online was the biggest driver of reach – and the most cost effective.

The online campaign reached 52% of the online population. This compares with the outdoor campaign which reached 40% of the online population and the press campaign which reached 34%.