Polident: Bridging the generation gap

Mary Zhou

Campaign details

Brand owner: GSK
Agency: MediaCom Beijing
Brand: Polident
Campaign duration: 28 April to 23 June 2011
Country: China
Channels used: Online

Executive summary

Polident's challenge was to build brand and category awareness in China, because denture cleansing tablets were almost unknown and many denture users were happy with brushing their dentures in the traditional way.

Based on a proprietary survey, we found that over 50% of Polident purchases were made by young people for their parents, but the latest social trends indicated a migration of young people from their parental homes to find work in cities. Based on this finding, Polident intended to become a symbol of caring at a distance by tugging at the heartstrings of these young career-focused movers who had left their parents on their own at home.