How to spend a thousand dollars in Asia: a new heuristic to aid channel planning

James Chadwick
MindShare Asia-Pacific, Singapore


The Growing But Lumpy Asian Media Landscape

The global media landscape is experiencing a period of unprecedented change, driven by major disruptive technologies and shifts in human behavior. An endless stream of new digital technologies is putting more content and choice in the hands of media consumers and audiences are fragmenting rapidly.

In the Asia-Pacific region, things are no different. Asian marketers and their agencies are aggressively seeking new ways to reach and engage with consumers, beyond the 'traditional' media options. Driven primarily by new technology, and the rising cost and declining perceived impact of established media, 2007 will see marketers and their agencies looking to experiment with a host of new communications channels: branded content in TV shows, mobile phone advertising, social media, podcasts, user-generated video, in-game advertising, virtual worlds, and a host of others.