How SingTel used social media to boost its customer service

Low Lai Chow

The biggest crime a brand can commit in customer service on Facebook, according to SingTel's director of digital marketing, is to display an appalling lack of empathy - knowingly or unwittingly - to disgruntled subscribers.

"They've attempted to get help through the regular channels, through our traditional channels - hotline, email, corporate website or whatever - they haven't gotten satisfaction there, and so they come to the Facebook page to vent," explained Miguel Bernas in a presentation at the Social Media World Forum Asia in Singapore.

"By the time they get there, they are complaining about unresolved issues that have been unsolved for days, weeks; they've been on hold for the last 45 minutes. The worst thing you can do on Facebook is to say, 'Thank you very much for your inputs. We take your inputs very seriously. By the way, check out our hotline.'"