Hunt's Tomatoes: Hunt's Crash Kitchen Tour

Business Situation and Campaign Objectives

Hunt's is the leading branded player in canned tomatoes, outperforming major brands such as Del Monte and Contadina. Hunt's is particularly well developed in the "smooth" segment – tomato sauce and tomato paste – but under-shared in "particulates," comprised of diced, crushed, puree, stewed, and whole tomatoes. The diced segment is particularly attractive, with a CAGR of +6.0%. (See Appendix I, p. 7)

Being under-developed in particulates was not new news to the brand. Nor was the fact that canned tomatoes were undifferentiated in the minds of most consumers – not a lot of thought goes into the purchase decision. While the Hunt's brand had a long heritage, dating back to the 1890's, it did not have a consistent advertising presence with consumers. The advertising that had been done was focused primarily on tomato sauce. In 2007, after being dark since 2001, the brand began advertising again, with a focus on diced. Advertising for the brand brought success, but the team knew that a sharpened point of difference was needed to jar consumers out of their "sleep-walking" buying behavior of canned tomatoes. This was especially true in 2009 and 2010 when the economic headwinds that prevailed made consumers further scrutinize their canned tomato purchases in what was an already commoditized category.