How Volkswagen, Coca-Cola and Groupon are using content marketing in India

Preeti Chaturvedi

Content marketing promises to help brands connect with consumers in more engaging and authentic ways than ever before – and major marketers from Volkswagen and Coca-Cola to Groupon are leading the way in India.

Avik Chattopadhyaya, head of marketing, product planning and PR at Volkswagen India, told delegates at the first ever Content Marketing Summit Asia – an event held in New Delhi in early 2014 – that the rise of this strategy forms part of a wider democratization in the brand-consumer relationship.

"The world is more emotionally fragile than ever before. Scams, unrest, failures, instability and skepticism are present everywhere. Given this scenario, our car is a status symbol. We design, sell and service cars as per the requirements of the consumer. The people on the street own the brand. They are our guiding factors," he said.