HELPMET: The world's first helmet that can detect a serious head impact and call for help when riders are unconscious

Campaign details

Brand owner: Thai Health Promotion Foundation
Lead agency: BBDO BANGKOK
Country: Thailand
Industries: Public health
Channels used: Direct marketing, packaging and design, Product sampling, events & experiential, print general, social media, websites & microsites
Budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

The world's second-highest number of motorcycle accidents happen in Thailand. Eighty percent of motorcyclist fatalities occur on rural roads and the danger increases when riders ride alone, or at night. In many cases, head injury causes riders to lose consciousness, leaving them unable to call for help.

The voice-based reporting process has been used for years in Thailand's emergency rescue system, but there are two main problems: time and the reporting process, whereby the current voice-based method can lead to help going to the wrong location.