DCC Energi: The Red Card

Mediabroker / Cool Gray

Entry Information

Country where program ran: Denmark (R2 Danish Direct Makrting Award nominated)
Program start date: 10/01/12
Program end date: 11/25/12
Advertiser/Client Name: DCC Energi
Product/Service Description: Heating oil sold to private households in Denmark. The oil tank is generally filled 1-2 times a year, typically during the winter.
Category: Communications/Utilities (CU)


Business problem

DCC Energy: DCC Energy is the distributor of Shell heating oil in the Danish market. Irish DCC Energy Ltd bought the license to distribute Shell Heating Oil in June 2009. Low brand awareness: Compared to the competitors; Statoil, OK, Uno X and Q8, DCC Energy is by far the company with the lowest brand awareness in the market – this is due to the competitors main focus in the gasoline service station industry. Hence DCC Energy is forced to be even more creative in their approach to the market than the other suppliers. A competitive advantage: DCC Energy has the most flexible distribution of heating oil in Denmark, and is therefore able to deliver heating oil to most of the households within only 5 hours. None of the competitors can match that.