adidas Virtual Footwear Wall

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Client: adidas AG
Category: Experiential Environments?

Executive summary

The adidas Virtual Footwear Wall (VFW) is a seriously smart retail experience with the power to cram 4000 shoes into a single store and enough technology to blow your boots off. Gender sensing cameras. Smart filtering. Super-detailed, realtime rendered footwear models with full 3D interaction, and totally immersive environmental sound, getting you closer to adidas than ever before.

Charged with reinventing how footwear is retailed in-store and increasing footwear sales for global sports brand adidas, the Virtual Footwear Wall is already proving itself fit for purpose.

Test results indicate that the Virtual Footwear Wall has huge sales potential, drives more traffic to stores and is a true market first - an example of connected retail that blurs the boundary between the online and physical commercial worlds.