Digital trends forecast 2012

Dominic Harrison
Future Foundation


By the beginning of the decade beginning with 2010, the truly global extent of the digital revolution was plain to see: access to mobile networks was available to 90% of the world’s population, including 80% of those living in rural areas; the number of SMS messages sent each year had tripled from levels seen in 2007 to reach some 6.1 trillion; those using the internet passed the 2 billion mark; mobile internet subscriptions had grown more than tenfold globally between 2005-20101)

As in-home and mobile internet connections proliferate and as the technical wizardry inside digital devices is upgraded with each new incarnation, brands and companies are challenged - on what seems a daily basis - to refresh their understanding of how consumers mobilise digital platforms to, for instance, communicate with each other; to gather global and local information; to augment leisure behaviours; to interact with retail spaces; to play and to shop.