Perspectives on data-driven research: Insights from the I-COM Global Summit

Jo Bowman

Connected consumers are evaluating products and organising their preferences long before they make a decision to buy – a fact that is especially true for those shoppers using smartphones and tablets. This means that brands must maintain constant visibility and anticipate buying decisions earlier than ever before.

That was the result of a study conducted by online giant AOL, as presented at the I-COM Global Summit, an event held in Seville in early 2014. Fortunately, for marketers, the conference audience also heard how data-driven insights can now be deployed on each stage of the path to purchase to hone targeting and increase the likelihood of a sale.

At the top of the purchase funnel, for instance, tools like Xaxis Sync, a service developed by programmatic advertising company Xaxis, enable brands to blitz all WiFi devices in a household following the detection of a client's television ad, giving awareness a huge, and timely, boost.