Making branded content more than just advertising

Andrea Sophocleous

When developing content, marketers must prioritise the audience and forget about the traditional restrictions of advertising. That was the message of Jonathan Kneebone, co-founder of The Glue Society, a self-described "creative collective", during his keynote address at the Festival of Branded Content and Entertainment, held in Sydney in October 2013.

Kneebone began by rejecting the term "branded content" as being "unambitious", "self-focused", "self-interested" and "self-defeating". "Let's be frank. Calling advertising something different doesn't make it suddenly more palatable to an audience," he said.

"They admire it when it's clever, funny or worth talking about. They like to share it. And share in its success by sending it to friends. They don't mind when it works on them. They like it when it's good. Everyone is too aware of what's going on these days to think they are somehow being manipulated."