Media Outlook 2000

Kraig Kitchin
Premiere Radio Networks

Radio is going through a ‘gold rush’. The deafening sound of media purchases from advertisers has made radio broadcasters look good and shareholders smile ear-to-ear. So what’s in it for you? The untold truths are starting to appear. They’ll overshadow any concerns you might have about commercial clutter, consolidation of ownership, or larger than inflation rate price increases. Spend five minutes with me and see what I see as an operator of radio programs nationwide; it’ll renew your faith in commerce.

Any robust economy brings about innovation. In radio’s economy, advertisers now sell products and services harnessing better on-air talent than ever before. Celebrity names that draw listener attention dot the radio dial. On country music stations, Jeff Foxworthy and Naomi Judd work weekends. On urban stations, Dr. Dre and Ed Lover get behind the microphone every day. Talk radio welcomes Martha Stewart and Internet mavens’ The Motley Fools, and pop stations now work with game show stars Alex Trebek and letter-turner Vanna White. Big names attract the attention of listeners and keep them listening longer – through commercial pods. The disarming casual nature of a radio broadcast gives the majority of existing and new radio stars the venue and creative leeway to advocate purchases on behalf of a willing sponsor.