The End of Anonymity as We Know It

Purism Against the Need for Decision Making

Rob J.F. Does
ITHAKA Marktanalisten, Netherlands


In today's business, we identify three major revolutions that are affecting the way we work.

  1. Our society is becoming increasingly more of an open society where customers are accustomed to share personal information with companies, service organisations and even government bodies. Even stronger, more and more consumers are actually displaying their behaviour and attitudes and appreciate companies that adapt their communications to consumers. The client cards at the Tesco's and Carrefours of this world, the databases with sales information at Amazon and the whole industry of enriched addresses is only a tip of the iceberg.1 Consumers do not mind that their buying behaviour is being tracked. On the contrary, they like being addressed on the basis of their latest sale, and even compliment companies that act accordingly. 2