Time to change time

Ken Holden
KMR Software, United Kingdom

Gilles Santini
G.S. IT Services, France


Most people in the industry will agree that the dynamic of television has changed and that the dynamic of all other media is also changing.

Considering that we face a new media environment and that we need to address the stronger than ever demand of the advertisers for an increased efficiency of their media strategies, it is clear that the industry needs to revisit its current practices and build new planning tools. This would improve what Ferdinand Saussure (1857–1913) identified in his well-known lectures on structural linguistics as the “synchronic dimension” and the “diachronic dimension”.

In the specific context of media planning the “synchronic dimension” refers to how different media can be combined and how media vehicles can be selected to create the “structure” of a media plan. The “diachronic dimension” refers to how the exposures to the advertisements are best distributed over time to “signify” that media plan to the target.