“We'll be right back. Honest”: how “Seriously Short Breaks” keep viewers around to watch the ads

Brian Rock and Virginia Beal
Network Ten, Australia


I doubt whether anyone will be surprised to learn that advertising isn't particularly popular with most people. For example, in Australia 44% of all respondents 14+ years agree that “nearly all TV advertising annoys me”. TV advertising isn't alone: 41% of these respondents “find most radio ads annoying”, 42% find “direct mail in the letterbox annoying”, 39% say that they “don't read the ads in newspapers and magazines”, and 67% say “advertising posters in shopping centres and malls don't interest me”.

Are there any positives? Certainly, but at a much lower level of agreement: 14% of the respondents agreed that “I find TV advertising interesting and quite often gives me something to talk about”, 8% admit that “grocery ads on the radio influence my grocery shopping”, and 10% say that “point of sale advertising makes me purchase products advertised”.1