Subaru Forester: MY 2009

DDB Canada

Section I — Basic information

Business Results Period (Consecutive Months): May 2008 – June 2011
Start of Advertising/Communication Effort: May 12th, 2008
Base Period as a Benchmark: May 2007 – April 2008

Section II — Situation analysis

a) Overall Assessment

In early 2008, Subaru was a niche player in the Canadian market with a stable but uninspiring 1% share. Its Japanese heritage was largely unknown (most people thought it was Korean) and its cornerstone nameplate, Forester, had seen declining sales for the best part of 10 years. People thought the Forester looked dated, and its quirky design meant that potential buyers didn't know if it was an SUV or a station wagon. Consequently both sets of buyers were passing it by!