Understanding The Diffusion Of Integrated Marketing Communications

Ilchul Kim
Dongeui University
Dongsub Han
Hanyang University
Don E. Shultz
Northwestern University

IMC as a field of study is only a decade old, and in spite of the contradictions, in our view, it is still in its introduction or early growth stage. For the most part, we argue that the results of the various studies indicate that there is considerable scope for the expansion and development of truly integrated communication programs in many mar­kets and geographies around the world.

One interesting fact emerged from our review the of the literature—virtually all reported studies have been concerned with the development of IMC in countries where English is the dominant language. Thus, we do not believe the findings can be considered as a representative of the cur­rent status of JMC worldwide. Indeed, IMC may or may not be as accepted and progressing at the same rate in the balance of the world as these studies might lead us to believe.