Ministry of Health: The Journal – sooner, better, more convenient treatment for depression

Categories: Most Effective Campaign of the Year
Social Marketing / Public Service
Most Effective Digital or Social Media Campaign
Agency: DraftFCB
Client: Ministry of Health


Following the success of last year's 'Getting through Depression' campaign, the Ministry of Health needed to build a programme of sustained engagement for dealing with depression in New Zealand.

Going beyond promoting the problem of depression to promoting an actual solution, the aim was to provide an effective, viable, easy access alternative to traditional treatments for depression by developing a creative, integrated campaign that included a medically robust, self-help tool.

Marketing Challenge & Objectives

The nature of the illness in which many sufferers have reduced concentration, making it harder to learn; poor decision-making abilities, making traditional websites hard to use; low motivation, causing high drop-out rates; and a reluctance to ask for help, posed significant challenges in developing The Journal.