New Zealand Lotteries: What Would You Do For A Ticket

Category: Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Agency: DDB
Client: New Zealand Lotteries


In a category where people 'lose' each week, it's hard enough getting people to buy into the Lotto dream, and it's even harder when you put the price up.

How do you get a cynical, rational and resistant culture enthusiastic about, and believing in, the dream?

You transform it. You make it so big that it eclipses human ability. You put a price on the ticket.

Wilson, the Lotto Dog, was more than just a dog. He embodied all our hopes and dreams – taking not just the legacy of 'What Would You Do' to a whole new level, but also Lotto's fortunes.

Marketing Challenges & Objectives

Lotto is one of New Zealand's most iconic brands. It's more than just a game; it's an idea that embodies the hopes and dreams of a nation.