The way we live now
(Daily Life in the 21st century)

James Holden
Graeme Griffiths


The BBC Daily Life study has been carried out every 5-10 years since the 1930's. The objective has always been to understand the UK public's time and media usage. As a public service provider it is essential that the BBC strive to understand the needs of its audiences, and the BBC Daily Life project has always played a key role in this. The basic principle of the study is to ask respondents to list, throughout the day, all the activities they do. This is accompanied by a general lifestyle questionnaire that helps to categorise and segment the respondents. The scale and scope of the BBC Daily Life study has always been ahead of its time and the 2002/3 wave was no exception. Pioneering a technology new to market research, this wave of the study has been groundbreaking in both methodology and findings.