Shopper marketing missions

Neil Jenkinson
St Ives Group

Grocery shoppers' habits are changing. They shop more frequently than before and buy less. So, getting point-of-sale promotion right is paramount.

High-street stores are not the only retailers facing challenges in a tricky trading climate. Grocery retailers, like their high-street counterparts, are coming to terms with irrevocable changes to people's shopping habits.

The UK is no longer a nation of the once-a-week shopping trip. The traditional 'big shop' is being ousted as many consumers opt to buy less on a more regular basis, with location, convenience and price all key. Rather than visiting the same store at the same time for the same goods week in, week out, today's savvy shoppers are slowly, but surely, sounding the death knell for the weekly shop; our research shows they opt to visit more than four different supermarkets, on average, in any one month for groceries, with this increasing to six-plus for the under 30s.