Making the transition from analogue past to digital future

Tony Effik

If you have ever been at the end of a relationship that has come to a natural end, and you meet somebody new, exciting, but still a little unknown, then you will understand what I'm going to write about.

You might reminisce about the old days and be frightened of the unknown, new relationship, even though, deep down, you know you can never go back to the old days. This feeling is called 'transition trauma' – a frightening state where one is between two stages in one's life.

Transition trauma is driven by loss aversion, and is hardwired into the human psyche. We look back, and sometimes prefer to hold on to what we have, rather than stride forward to what is likely to be better.

Transition trauma is also present in the current media and advertising landscape, and the cure – as in romantic transitions – is to throw yourself head-first into the relationship with a little faith, a little courage and lots of passion.