Media Outlook

Outdoor and new technology create a winning combination

Tony Alwin
Clear Channel Outdoor

The future looks bright for outdoor. Technology has a way of being a double-edged sword for most advertising mediums. The more advancements that are made to enhance the product, the more ways that are found to avoid or ignore them. Media choices have exploded and become more fragmented. New technologies to screen messages are an ever-increasing challenge. Outdoor is one of the few advertising mediums that has benefited tremendously from technology without the negative side effects. 2003 looks to be another great year. As a matter of fact, some major enhancements are on the horizon for this year that could rival the breakthrough of computer-generated vinyl.

The missing piece to the puzzle

Top brands such as AT&T, American Express, IBM, and Procter & Gamble, to name just a few, have long known the benefits of outdoor advertising. The value for the dollar, the growing menu of desirable products, the top-of-mind awareness, and the ability to target hard-to-reach people has kept outdoor sales on a constant increase. At this point however, a question comes to mind. 'With so many benefits, why is outdoor advertising still a small overall percentage of advertising spending in the US?' The answer: audience information.

Putting together the pieces