How Do You Tackle The Leaders? Burger King vs. McDonalds

Richard Mercer

You know what I did before I wrote this speech?

I wrote a whole bunch of titles for it.

I'm very good at title writing. I have the titles for all my novels written. There are 14 novels altogether – not counting the two trilogies. Counting them makes 20. Oh, it's a great body of work.

I've got the dedications written, too. I'm very good at dedications. None of this mundane stuff like: "To my darling wife, Muriel, for her patient understanding."

Nosiree. My dedications read: "To Virna Lisi for you know what, baby!" Or "To Holt Rinehart and Winston for paying me good like a publisher should."

So you see, it's only natural that this talk had a great many titles before it was ever written. One title was THE DARK AT THE TOP OF THE STAIRS. This was followed with an acknowledgement thanking my late pal William Inge for his help with the title.