Grupo Bimbo on Global Expansion and the Role of Agencies

Ivan Castano

Mexico recently joined the Madrid Protocol trademark watchdog to help protect its companies' brands in 80 countries.

The business community hailed the move, as the country's inclusion in the international network will greatly benefit its multinationals. One such company is Grupo Bimbo, the world's largest baker.

The expansionist company, which has ballooned after a spate of acquisitions in recent years, said the protocol will help protect 19,000 brands it has registered around the world. In a statement, General Manager Daniel Servitje, said the intellectual property-protection network will help bolster Bimbo's competitiveness in the global market.

Mexico City-based Bimbo has $14.5 billion in sales and is present in 19 countries across three continents. Its breakneck expansion, which has enabled it to take a significant slice of the US bakery-goods market (through its Sara Lee acquisition) and leap into China, has forced Bimbo to completely reshuffle its marketing strategy.