TV planning: The two-screen experience

Helen Katz
Starcom Mediavest Group

A recent US study into two-screen viewing behaviour shows that viewers value TV viewing apps as companions to TV and interact with second-screen ads that are personally relevant or to the show being watched

Changes in the media landscape during the past ten years have made content that was once solid (e.g. film, music) into a digital 'liquid' form. Kodak has become Instagram; Tower Records is now iTunes. The proliferation of mobile devices has meant that content is distributed at greater scale. Both of these changes have empowered consumers, giving them unprecedented control over their media choices, which in turn, is disrupting the old business models that advertisers and media companies have relied on for decades.

To keep up with all of this, we launched The Pool in 2008, as a way to better understand consumers' media use in this new digital landscape. It is an idea based on the principles of collaboration, consumer insights, and accelerated activation in the marketplace. The Pool brings together companies with different backgrounds to solve industry-wide challenges through research. Publishers, advertisers and technology companies join an individual 'lane', or area of focus. Each company brings its own perspective, knowledge and experiences, and we work to find solutions that benefit everyone so we can all learn faster together. Since we started, we have completed 15 lanes in seven countries, bringing global scale to The Pool's consumer-focused process.