TV Untethered: Quantifying Mobile TV Viewing and its Impact

Laura Cowan and Christopher Neal
LIN Media Aluquerque and Chadwick Martin Bailey


Video consumption on smartphones and tablets in the US is becoming a mainstream activity. With smartphone penetration now at 60% in the US, the volume of video consumed on mobile devices is reaching a critical mass (see Exhibit 1).

Exhibit 1: Growth in minutes of video watched on mobile devices (2009-2013)

While much of this "video" viewed on mobile devices is not professionally produced, the scope of this trend is simply too broad for anyone interested in audience measurement to ignore.

Objectives & methodology

The Council for Research Excellence conducted an extensive study to gain a better understanding of mobile video usage to provide insight for cross platform measurement. More specifically, this research aimed to…

  1. Quantify how much time and how often people watch TV programming on mobile devices
  2. Determine what motivates consumers to watch TV on mobile devices
  3. Profile mobile viewing occasions