The Hand, the Bill... or Both? The Role of Credibility in Handbill Acceptance

Gerard P. Prendergast, King Ting Wai and Wing Yi Cheung

Hong Kong Baptist University

Management slant

  • Handbills are commonly distributed in high pedestrian districts around the world. Invoking theories related to source credibility and medium credibility, a survey in Hong Kong highlighted the interrelationships among distributor credibility, handbill credibility, environmental concerns, and handbill acceptance.
  • Results indicated that distributor credibility positively predicts handbill acceptance. The credibility of the handbill itself mediates this relationship between distributor credibility and handbill acceptance. The relationship between handbill credibility and handbill acceptance was more pronounced for those who were less concerned with the environment.
  • Marketers advertising through handbills cannot ignore the credibility of the people they hire to distribute them. They cannot ignore the credibility of the handbills themselves either. And, it may be worthwhile to consider the environmental friendliness of handbills in order to promote their acceptance.