UBS and the changing financial services customer: Seniors, women, and family influence

Stephen Whiteside

Financial services providers are not usually regarded as pioneers in the world of innovation. UBS, the Swiss bank with a history dating back to the 1850s, is attempting to alter this perception by developing a portfolio which meets the requirements of its customers at varying stages in their lives.

Emily Pachuta, the firm's executive director and head of client insights and experience, told delegates at The Market Research Event – a conference run by the Institute for International Research and held in Nashville in October 2013 – that doing so demanded a shift in its mindset. "In financial services, we have a lot of hard-held truths about where clients come from," she said.

"Your clients today, whether they are consuming sneakers or whether they are consuming financial services, are not constant. And so if they're buying your product today and you don't think about their evolving needs, they won't necessarily buy your product tomorrow."

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