MINI – Carfun Footprint Calculator

Butler, Shine, Stern and Partners, Sausolito


What do you do when one in four people considering the MINI were also cross-shopping the Prius? Present a counter-culture viewpoint to jumping on the hybrid bandwagon. In 2008, consumer values were clearly moving toward being more environmentally responsible and the fun of driving was getting lost in the shuffle. The Carfun Footprint Calculator was on online widget and campaign proving that you don’t have to sacrifice fun in order to be green. And that MINI offers the best Carfun Footprint on the road. Over 300,000 people calculated Carfun Footprints and engaged with the idea that you can maximize fun while minimizing impact. By driving a MINI, of course. The campaign doubled MINI’s brand consideration among environmentally minded car shoppers and led the brand to significant sales growth during industry-wide declines.