Schultz Information: Ready for August 1st?

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Category: Information Technologies
Country where program ran: Denmark
Date program started/ended: 21 February – 22 March 2009

Product Description: The product is “Internal Rules” from Schultz Information A/S, a CMS solution to setup guidelines and rules for people working in public sector or organizations taking care of legal matters. The “Internal rules” integrates well with Schultz “Law Portal”, which together gives the user a complete overview for decision making.

Advertiser/Client Name: Schultz Information A/S
Media Channels: Email
Web Development


Marketplace Challenge:

Even though the target audience are known customers of Schultz Information, the company is faced with two key challenges when they try to sell the “Internal Rules” solution: 1) Jobcenter Managers across the board are almost impossible to get hold of and are stuck in meetings constantly 2) The task of implementing a solution like “Internal Rules” is seen by the target audience as huge due to the state of their current documentation: unstructured, half-baked and often off-line. So even though they might see the logic of getting the solution, the perception is that it is too big a beast to handle and ends with a status quo/no-decision.