Diet Coke: Silver palace

Agency name: Verve
Client name: Coca-Cola
Category: Event Marketing


Launched in Ireland in 1982, Diet Coke is the No 1 Diet drink and No 3 soft drink in the world. In Ireland Diet Coke represents 14% of all CSD's. In Northern Ireland Diet Coke is the No 2 soft drink brand and has highest per capita consumption in the world.

Over 60% of Diet Coke consumers are loyal females driving 67% of volume. Due to the aging profile of Diet Coke drinkers (35+ females who grew up with the brand), there was need to recruit the next generation of Diet Coke drinkers. Research identified two main barriers to recruitment of 16-24yr old females:

  1. Taste

  2. Perception that the brand is a drink their mum or older sister drinks



Distribute 450,000 cans combining both light experiential and rich experiential elements.