Microsoft Bing: Decode Jay-Z with Bing


How Microsoft Created a Search Engine for a New Generation

This is a story about how Microsoft's search engine Bing was able to create competitive advantage over its much more established and outsized rival, Google. Bing launched in 2009 - into a market dominated by Google - and remained stagnant despite a massive, multi-million dollar advertising campaign. Bing needed to increase usage and position itself as a modern choice. A younger target was key to growing Bing's market share, but is highly suspect of advertising and product claims. The challenge required a non-traditional approach that would throw out the conventions of how insights are found and activated upon. We created a strategy that used demonstration of Bing products against a big canvas in cultural to achieve a real, quantifiable gain against Google and relevancy in the market. As strategists, we had to become architects of an experience throughout the process instead of just writers of a messaging brief at the start.