Reincarnating TAM panelists to understand channel surfing

L.V.Krishnan, Sharan Sharma and Akash Chawla
TAM India, India

Trevor Sharot
AGB Nielsen Media Research, Singapore


The Indian television scenario is active as never before. TAM India today reports on close to 300 channels, an increase of 82 channels as compared to 2002. Importantly, the growth has been coming from special interest channels –especially Kids-centric channels, News and Music as Table 1 shows.

And a ready market exists for these channels. For one, cable subscription in India is a relatively low US$4 a month. For this amount an Indian home can receive up to 100 channels. Moreover, a number of environmental factors have increased the challenge in dealing with fragmentation, the most important factor being the growth in the penetration of remote control. While 32% of TV sets in 2002 came with a remote control, this figure jumped to 41% in 2005. All in all, the Indian viewer has not only more choice but also a lot more power to zap away at will.