Discourse analysis: Beneath the surface of language

Seamus O'Farrell
Prostate Cancer UK

I joined what was then called The Prostate Cancer Charity as CMO in mid-2011. The charity had been doing great work but there were clear business problems: the subject was far too low on national agendas (health, political, media, general public) far too few people knew who we were or what we did, and we needed more funds.

As Gill Ereaut described in her article (Market Leader January 2013) I realised we needed to aspire to something like the breast cancer cause. After all, prostate cancer is as big a killer of men as breast cancer is of women. We needed to create a nationally recognised cause with our brand at its heart – quickly, cost-effectively and in a way that could be sustained.

My strategic consultant, Paul Feldwick, and I conceived an approach which, from the start, recognised the unity of the brand and the organisation — if the brand was to change, the organisation needed to change too. We embarked on a project that started from the inside and below the surface. It was called 'We, the brand'.