How should you take TV advertising clutter into account?

The level of TV advertising clutter varies greatly by country, and the amount of clutter affects the ability of ads to cut through. The natural response to clutter is to increase the spend behind your ad, but that money might be wasted if thought is not given to how the spend is phased.

Despite the explosion in multimedia activity, TV is still the main brand-building medium for big advertisers in most markets. But the amount of TV advertising in different markets varies dramatically. Ad clutter is twice as high in the Philippines as it is in Hong Kong, and twice as high in Hong Kong as in Ireland.

Reduced ad impact

Advertising clutter – the sheer volume of advertising that consumers encounter every day – makes it hard for any individual ad to achieve its most fundamental goal, which is to be noticed.

Research by Millward Brown and others has highlighted the importance of achieving and maintaining a share of voice within your category that is at least equal to your market share. But the total amount of advertising within a country – the overall level of clutter – must also be considered.